About us

Betheshooter is the meeting point on the web for all those who enjoy and live for the game of basketball. Our goal is to satisfy our member needs and help them to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Professional and amateur players, coaching staff, clubs and basketball lovers are all catered for. It promotes our sport and helps all enjoy this great show.

If you feel the same as our motto, ' Basketball is life', Betheshooter will be your reference place on the web.

Our philosophy

Responding to the needs of the people involved in this sport is our goal, and thus Betheshooter was born, with the intention of becoming the international social network reference in the world of basketball.

For this we have a team of professionals who will do their best in order that you only have to worry about doing what you love, enjoying basketball.

And so we will work with all of the values ​​that are associated with the culture of this sport, effort, quality, trust and hard work. We all like to win and be the best. Our team will endeavor to do the same.

Our team

A team of professionals with extensive experience in the world of basketball, who enjoy it and live it with intensity formed Betheshooter.

Being the sport that we love and are crazy about, we have come together to create this social network.

Basketball has been a huge part of our lives and it could not be any other way, this has become a way to continue enjoying basketball even more closely.